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Certified Luxury Builders Network leads luxury builders to greatness. An important part of that journey is making sure we provide you with the necessary tools and resources to help you focus on, accelerate toward, and achieve your business goals. Read on, enjoy and check back in as we continue to add more helpful articles!

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GUIDE: Reputation Management

Your online reputation matters: more than 80% of decisions to hire a builder involve checking their online reviews. Out-pacing your competition in 5-star reviews can determine whether or not you are hired for a job, and will impact your search rankings—and business— on Google, Houzz, Facebook and Yelp. Let us show you how to optimize your online reputation and make your reputation work for you. Get the Guide

AUDIT: CLB’s 3-Minute Audits

Achieving ‘great’ in your market involves not only the beautiful homes you build for your clients, but also having a finger on the pulse of how things are going within your own company, It means knowing how you stack up against your peers in terms of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Use our audits to assess your company and discover ways that you can continue striving for great within your own walls. Take the Audits

BLOG: Builders’ Digest

Luxury builders must continually learn about the business to stay on top of the latest innovations, tips and trends, and to persist at the head of their markets. In our efforts to help you stay at the top, we’re are continually publishing articles, interviews, and real-life examples in our Builder’s Digest. Read on to learn how to master your business, accelerate your growth and automate your success. Read Now

GUIDE: Increase Your Pipeline

Growing your business means growing your client base, your pipeline. But how do you increase your pipeline and improve your win percentage? Do you have a clear strategy that supports the types of projects you want? Is hope part of your strategy? Get the Guide

CASE STUDY: Houzz for Luxury Builders

Houzz is an excellent tool for your best-fit clients to be able to find you in your target markets, if you know how to make it work for you. In this case study, learn how one luxury builder in Naples used CLB Brand Builder to get 40% of their best-fit clients from Houzz. Read the Case Study

WORKSHEET: Best Practice Budgeting

How’s your budget treating you? Does it bring you peace of mind AND make you money? Use our budgeting worksheet to iron out the kinks in your budget to make it work for you and help you achieve GREAT in your business. Get the Worksheet

WORKSHEET: Your Target Market

Finding your best-fit clients is the key to building success in your business. Do you have your target market clearly identified and are you on top of your strategy to reaching them? Use this worksheet to zero in on that perfect client and perfect the marketing strategies that will bring them to you. Get the Worksheet

GUIDE: Use Press Releases to Build Your Brand

Part of building a brand is communicating newsworthy achievements to best fit clients and partners. Learn how a well-timed and well-worded press release can show those potential clients and partners that you don’t just build a house— you build dreams and provide a 5-Star Experience using the 5 Simple Steps. Our guide has even more about building your brand through savvy and on-target use of press releases. Get the Guide

TIPS: 9 Proven Tips to Get More Social Media Followers

A strong social media presence is vital today for building your business. The 9 tactics we share here will show you how to create a solid social media foundation and set an accurate and precise trajectory toward long-term, sustained growth, through cultivating a following that will benefit you and your business Build My Following

GUIDE: Using Your Best and Most Engaging Imagery

Featuring your gorgeous, finished projects well is vital to attracting new clients, but knowing how to best create and display gorgeous photos that do justice to your hard work can be a challenge. Following our imagery guide will ensure that your images and branding look their best everywhere, in print and online. Get the Guide