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Use our audits to assess your company against your peers to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Our audits focus on performance areas that will have a major impact on your business and your way of thinking. These areas identify the benchmark for what a GREAT luxury builder company looks like. 


In these audits, CLB also offers you a risk-free, 30-day trial of our marketing processes to help you achieve your new vision for GREAT for your company:

  • Your projected sales in new contracts for the year
  • Whether you have a written strategic business plan and a defined, written brand and target market
  • Whether your company is in good enough shape for you to stop working today and to continue generating a profit, or whether you could sell the business today at a profit
  • Whether three top management positions are filled at your company, and whether they receive salaries commensurate with your company’s net profit

Our risk free trial includes our assistance in putting into writing 4 important documents for your business plan:

  • Optimization of your market
  • Understanding your best-fit client
  • Creating your strategic business plan
  • Developing your brand marketing  

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