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Accelerate Your Business
$3000 per month
The proven processes and tools to get more best-fit client leads and strategic partners, and close more best-fit projects.
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Research & Analysis

  • Target Market Study
  • Strategic Partner List
  • Business Analysis & Reporting
  • Solutions Research & Consulting

Pipeline Builder Process

  • Target Market Analysis
  • Best-Fit Client Profiling
  • Training

Business Operating System

  • Business Operating System
  • Business Score Cards
  • Job & Process Management
  • Quarterly Business Reviews


  • Houzz optimization to achieve top of market
  • Target Market
  • Profile Branded Descriptions
  • Keywords, Project Descriptions
  • Reviews
  • CLB Projects

Social Media

  • Social Strategy
  • Social Project Tracking Board
  • Profile Optimization & Sync
  • Original Posts


  • Complete Lead Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Generate & Import Lists
  • Email Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Website Tracking Codes
  • Branded Smart emails
  • Imports and data clean up and organization
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Basic Tech Consulting and implementation

Meeting Schedulers

  • Save Time By Automating Meeting Scheduling
  • Never Miss a Meeting
  • Schedule Meetings Faster

Survey & Reviews Application

  • Automate the Survey and Review Process
  • Make Survey’s and Reviews a Strength

CLB Sales Process

  • 5 Simple Step System
  • Support Materials
  • Agreements

CLB Referral Network

  • Referral Program Presentation
  • Referral Agreement
  • Referral Support Information
  • Referral Campaign

Marketing Campaigns

  • Client Surveys & Reviews
  • Lead Magnets Created
  • Blog Article & Post Content Creation
  • Social Post & Email Content Creation
  • Link to Landing Page
Automate Your Pipeline
$5000 Includes Accelerate
Complete implementation of best-fit client winning marketing, and all the sales training and tools to close projects.
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Research & Analysis

  • Target Market Study
  • Strategic Partner List
  • Business Analysis & Reporting
  • Solutions Research & Consulting

Social Media

  • Profile Optimization & Sync
  • Weekly Original Posts
  • Branded Landing Pages


  • Complete Lead Tracking
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Generate & Import Lists
  • Email Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Website Tracking Codes
  • Unlimited contacts

Marketing Automation

  • Automated Lead Nurturing
  • Automated Email Drip Campaigns
  • Automated Workflows
  • Automated Tasks

Marketing Campaigns Executed

  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Client Surveys & Reviews
  • Lead Magnets
  • Blog Articles Posted
  • Social Media Posts Shared
  • List Management

Dominate Your Market
$8000 Includes everything
The complete solution fully executing and integrating all your online and offline marking to dominate your market and win best-fit clients.
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Sales Funnel Website

  • Laser-Focus on building pipeline
  • Builder's Showcase
  • Modern, Responsive, Secure
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Global CDN
  • "A" Rated Speed Performance
  • Instant, Filtered Lead Notifications
  • Regular Upgrades & Features
  • Nothing to learn - fully managed

Complete CRM Integration

  • Page-level Visitor Tracking
  • Survey & Reviews Integrations
  • Contact form integrations
  • Download Tracking
  • Idea Sesion Request Tracking
  • ...and more, all set up & maintained

Seamless Marketing Campaigns

  • Hosted Landing Pages
  • On-Domain Blogs & Lead Magnets
  • Available Homes Showcases & Brochures
+Awesomeness Jet Fuel for Your Business
360° full-force paid advertising campaigns to fill your sales funnel with best-fit prospects, and win the projects that will level-up your business.
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Micro Targeted Marketing

  • Addressable Households
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Demographic Filtering
  • Geo-targeted
  • Programmatic
  • Cross-device (Phone, PC, TV, etc.)

Premium Programming & OTT

  • Hulu
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • ESPN, Discovery, History, HGTV, TLC, A&E, Travel Channel, and more

Multi-network Display Ads

  • Geofencing
  • Retargeting
  • Keyword
  • Behavioral
  • Lookalike
  • Dynamic Animated

Unmatched Expertise and Exposure and the Right Moments

We believe multi-million dollar decisions are made in minutes and we bring the very best technology and techniques to bear for Luxury Builders and partner businesses in those crucial moments.

Includes: Systems, Training, and Select Service Implementation by CLBIncludes: Accelerate, Full CRM, and Full Service Implementation by CLBIncludes: Automate, CLB Website, and Full Service Implementation by CLB
$3,000 per month$5,000 per month
(includes Accelerate Membership)
$8,000 per month
(includes Accelerate & Automate)
Pipeline Builder Sales Process & Tools
Target Market & Best Fit Client Profile Analysis✓ Includes Target Market Study
Proven Sales Process, and Training to land Best-Fit Clients
Custom 4-Page 4-color brochure✓ Luxury Home Living Magazines
Unique Selling Proposition (USP) presentation and text
✓ Sales Support Resource Documents✓ Includes CRM-Connected Website Resources Page
Branded Sales & Marketing Video (available for $10,000)✓ Available for $10,000✓ Included
Business Operating System
Job, & Process Management System & Templates
Document and Record Management
Quarterly Business Reviews
Weekly Business Meeting Management Tool
Internal & External Collaboration
File Sharing
Best-Fit Partner Outreach Strategy
Identify Architects, Interior Designers, & Realtors for best-fit client referralsIncludes Research and target list for your market
Campaign templates for outreach to potential partnersIncludes Weekly CRM-integrated Campaign to target listIncludes complete website tracking integration
✓ Partner Meeting Schedule Tool✓ Partner Meeting Schedule Tool
CLB Parade of Homes Marketing Plan, and Templates✓ Includes Landing Page and CRM Integration✓ Includes Text SMS integration
CLB Client Relationship Management (CRM) Platform
SmartMail Email Templates with Tracking✓ Includes branded SmartMail Templates✓ Includes custom SmartMail Templates
Contact Database and Pipeline✓ Includes Imports & Customization
CLB Automated Client Survey and Review System with all Templates✓ Includes CLB Management of Process✓ Includes CLB Management of Process
Reputation Management to Mitigate Bad Reviews
Quarterly Business Review (1-hour call)✓ Includes Monthly Call✓ Includes Monthly Calls
✓ Includes Analysis & Reporting✓ Includes Analysis & Reporting
✓ Includes Competitive Recommendations✓ Includes Competitive Recommendations
Technology Recommendations✓ Basic Tech Consulting✓ Premium Tech Consulting
CLB Membership Discounts for Add-on Services
Dedicated Hours - 5Dedicated Hours - 20Dedicated Hours - 40
#1 Ranking in Houzz Directory for Primary Market
Keyword and upload all photos
Weekly upload of (1) CLB Network project
Houzz Profile Optimization and Market Analysis
Social Media Profile Optimization
LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Google
 Weekly Posts to Social Media✓ Includes Links back to CRM-Linked Landing Pages
 Social Media Analytics & Reports
 Social Connections
 Social Following
 Social # Hashtags
 Monthly Branded Blog Articles✓ Includes Custom Articles published in CRM-linked website blog
 Articles designed to support Buyer's Journey
 Email Campaigns to Drive Blog Traffic
 Social Media Campaigns to Drive Blog Traffic
 Lead-Magnet Resource Documents
 Branded Landing Pages✓ Customized CRM-Linked Website Landing Pages
 Generate & Import Target Partners List
Import Existing Client Database
Import Existing Partner Database
Import Existing Sub./Supplier Database
Branded Email Campaign Templates
Branded Email Campaign Sequences
Sending Email Campaigns
 CAN SPAM Compliance
 Improved Deliverability DKIM Email Sending Authentication✓ Fully Managed
 Optimize ROI
 Campaign Reports
 Website Tracking Codes to See Exactly What Pages a Lead Visits✓ Includes full Website integration
 Website Form Tracking Codes for CRM Tracking✓ Includes full Website integration
 Call Tracking
 Website behavior tracking✓ Includes instant SMS notifications
 Lead Scoring✓ Includes full Website integration
 Campaign Analytics✓ Includes full Website integration
 AdWords integration✓ Includes full Website integration
 Content ROI tracking✓ Includes full Website integration
 Online and Offline Lead Tracking
  Full MailSync for Complete CRM Recordkeeping
  Sales and SEO Optimized Website
  CLB Written, Customizable Content
  Full CRM Integration for Visitor Tracking
  Modern Design to Feature your Work
  Meeting Scheduling Tool
  Regular Design and Feature Updates Based on Network Research
  Fully CRM-Integrated Idea Session Lead Form
  Fully CRM-Integrated Dynamic Contact Form
  SPAM Filter on Forms
  Fast Email Notifications of New Form Leads
  Selective Instant Text/SMS Notifications of Leads
  SEO & Lead-Focused Blog
  Build Trust & Authority with Reviews Page & Tool
  Press Releases and Outreach Templates
  Top of Market Award Showcase Page
  Spec. Home Sales Listing Pages
  Project Galleries to Spotlight Your Best Work
  Support Client Experience & Communication with Client Portal
  Fast-Loading with Global CDN
  Fully Encrypted Secure HTTPS
  DNS Management & Monitoring
  Constantly updated Advanced SEO Metadata
  Local Directory Submissions
  SEO Keywords
  PPC Remarketing Analysis & Management Available
  PPC Display Ad Analysis and Management Available
  PPC Landing Pages Creative and Implementation
  SEO and Authority Enhancing Link Building
  Google Analytics Management & Monitoring
  CRM-Integrated Analytics and Reporting

  • Target Market Study
  • Best Fit Client Profile Analysis
  • Sales Process Training
  • Proven Sales Process for Best Fit Clients
  • Contracts
  • Unique Selling Proposition Presentaion
  • Branded Sales & Marketing Video
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Job, & Process Management System & Templates
  • Document & Record Management
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • Business Meeting Management Tool
  • Internal & External Collaboration
  • File Sharing
  • [email protected]