The Top 10 Business Audit

In 1995, BJ identified ten performance statements that would have a major impact on his business and his way of thinking. We have made these ten statements into a 3-minute Business Audit to be taken by each member of the management team to analyze your business each quarter. You and your management team are invited to take this 3-minute Business Audit now. You will receive a score from 0-100 and be able to identify what is working in your business and what is not.

Please enter your best work email to unlock the audit. Then rate each statement based on how true it is for your business. If the statement is 100% true, mark 5 stars. If the statement is 100% false, mark 1 star. All 10 statements must be rated to receive a score.

What is your best work email?

Our company does not participate in the competitive bid process with other builders in order to be selected as the builder for a project.

Our company has a Strategic Business Plan in writing that has been shared with everyone in the company.

Everyone in our company, from top management to on-site laborers, has a scorecard that they keep and report to their supervisor.

Each of the following (3) divisions has its own manager in charge and is paid a salary:
1) Construction Operations
2) Sales & Marketing
3) Accounting & Finance

The owner of our company is not the manager of more than (1) of the (3) divisions and is paid weekly with an officer’s salary in addition to receiving the net profits of the business.

Our estimating system and contract pricing formula is in place and guarantees that we cover overhead and the management team and officer’s salaries, to create a minimum annual net profit of 10%.

Our company is an appreciating asset that can be sold or used as a recurring source of income for the owner without working.

Our brand has been defined in writing. We have identified our target market by the preferred types of projects, geographic areas, and demographic classifications. We have a process with clear criteria to identify a “Best Fit” prospect. Our on-line and off-line marketing reflects our brand message.

New “Best Fit” prospects will typically sign a contract and give us a check at the very first time we meet. Some will hire us before we ever meet after visiting our website and speaking with us on the phone.

We are ranked #1 in the Homebuilder or General Contractor category on Houzz. Our website is linked to a CRM (client relationship management) platform that starts an automated campaign with visitors, and then sends a text notification to our sales rep when a visitor has been identified as a qualified prospect.

Our company has a Marketing Plan that includes monthly contact with all of our past and current clients, all local architects, interior designers, realtors, and our sub-contractors and suppliers to generate a continuous pipeline of referrals of “Best Fit” clients.

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