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COVID-19 Response Kit for Luxury Builders

The CLB Network has created suggested communications for you to share with your past, current, and future clients and partners related to your company's policy and position on COVID-19. The following links you to the COVID-19 communication resources, relevant publishing tools and reports: 

COVID-19 Response Kit
CLB Business Survival Report 436.16 KB Download
CLB Cost Reduction Plan 271.29 KB Download
Covid-19 Job Site Signage 32.58 KB Download
Covid-19 Job Site Signage_Spanish 38.68 KB Download
Covid-19_Client Email 49.97 KB Download
Covid-19_Partner Email 7.90 KB Download
Covid-19_Website Communication 50.41 KB Download

You can use the documents as a template. Feel free to copy them, update to match your situation, and distribute as appropriate. 

If you're looking for additional help- we're here for you. The fastest way for our staff to support your needs is to email us at: [email protected]