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Video for Builders

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A Video is worth 100,000 words

Great Video Enables Greater Marketing

Here are some examples of how great video of a builder's quality projects can be used to create engaging and compelling marketing content to dominate a market.

Examples of great video in use:

What to Look For

Getting Great Video

The following videos illustrate the kind of high-quality, rich videos and some of how they might be made by professional videographers. Note the stability of the shots, even while constantly maintaining motion and change of perspective. Modern equipment allows for a much more dynamic presentation, compared with the older styles of stationary cameras simply panning around rooms. The use of wide-angle lenses also helps avoid a feeling of cramped small space, though extreme "fish-eye" or otherwise distorting lenses should absolutely be avoided.

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"The Big Picture"

CLB Guide to Eye Catching Imagery for Custom Builders & Remodelers

Presenting your project photos well is vital to building your pipeline. Download this CLB guide to learn how to make sure your images and branding look their best everywhere, from your print materials to your online presence.