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Standard membership in the CLB Network offers members access to learning resources, best-practice templates and processes as well as access to expert advice and coaching with CLB Executive Coaches.

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CLB Business Operating System (12-month Program) The CLB-OS program includes monthly 1-on-1 video conference calls with your team and CLB Executive Coaches & topic experts. The CLB-OS program covers four critical areas of your business. One quarter (3 months) is dedicated to each focus area. The sequence of the program is tailored to each member’s business needs.

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CLB Sales CRM & Process (on-going) Stop competitively bidding projects and start signing clients who value the process and experience over time and money. Differentiate yourself by providing a 5-star customer experience starting with your first meeting. By implementing CLB’s ‘5 Simple Steps’ Sales Process, new “Best Fit” prospects will sign a contract and give you a check the very first time you meet or even hire you before ever meeting after visiting your website and speaking with you on the phone.

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