The Big Six Business Audit

Please rank your business for each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is weak and 5 is strong.
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Our clients hire us to manage their projects from the design phase through construction and we don’t participate in competitive bidding.

We have a Strategic Business Plan in writing that has been properly communicated and is shared by everyone.

We have a proven process for creating new business. It has been named, visually illustrated, and everyone knows and uses it.

We have a marketing plan and budget in place that provides a continuous pipeline of “Best Fit” clients and projects and an established network of referrals from clients, architects, interior designers, and realtors.

We have estimating systems and contract pricing formulas in place that guarantee we cover our overhead, management team salaries, and create a minimum net profit of 10%.

Our business is a profitable asset that can be sold, or we can use succession planning to create a legacy for the owner.

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